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ClubHosting offers simple and robust club website hosting services complete with tools to make sites easy to maintain. No extra software or special training is required, and clubs can reduce online work with the amazing plugins and features we offer clubs when they choose to host their websites with
Easy to use interfaces, club newsletter management, facebook auto sync, mobile access, website search engine submission, and many other features make us the perfect choice for club website hosting for any type of club!

We Build Club Websites

Every website we build adds to our focused experience, and allows us to understand what clubs really need.

It Just Works

ClubHosting keeps things running and removes the headache and worry that comes along with public exposure.
increase club revenue

Help Increase Club Revenue

Do it right, and you can increase the chances of new memberships, renewals, donations, and improve event turn out.

Easy Way to Share News

Post a Newsletter, Update, or Event in minutes, and stay in touch with ALL your club members!

Simplifies at least one Part

It’s a lot of work running a club, we simplify the website part (sorry, the rest is still on the board’s shoulders).

Always Learning & Improving

ClubHosting’s gears are always turning. We bring in outside experience constantly to improve the network.

Extremely Easy to Use Club Websites

We know clubs have have a diverse group of volunteers, and everyone has their own ideas on how they can help.
No one is ever excited about being the club webmaster – until they find out about ClubHosting! 

Maintaining your club’s website will not be the Easiest thing a Volunteer can now do in your club, with the highest results. A few minutes a month is all it takes to post events, news, photos, and more! Increase fundraising efforts, collect online payments, and grow your club all with our Club Website Services!

See How Easy It Is to Manage a Club Website:

Sample of Managing a Club Website's News Post or Event





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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Try It Out?

Free Trials really only work for you once the setup is fully done. Only then can you get a feel for how the car drives. However, we can give you a Demo of one of our example sites and let you play around with them!

How Secure Are the Sites?

Yes. We maintain a high level of support on our network which includes Security Patches and routine Updates. This saves your club time, and allows you to focus solely on what matters. Your club, not the nuts and bolts of the website.

What’s the Catch?

We are very flexible. If you decide to setup on your own, it’s easy to get too many ideas and become overstimulated. It’s always a good idea to keep things simple and start with the exact minimum requirements you need, and grow.

How Busy Are You?

Very! But we space things out enough to give everyone a positive experience. Once you order, it usually takes us 5-6 hours to set everything up (including revisions). It may take us a week to get started (and for you to get us the work requirements).

Request a Demo and We’ll Set You Up a Free Trial

We will get in touch soon, but in the meantime you can start playing around. Heck, you may even get as far as setting it all up!
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