Why Club Websites?

Our President out with his favorite riding buddy

Out with his favorite riding buddy

We simply wished to provide a low cost, feature rich solution for Clubs, Teams, and associations. Having a deep background in internet marketing, website hosting services, web and application development – our Clubs often volunteered us to maintain websites. Our founder used his Experience providing hosting to tens of thousands of business and personal websites to build a framework to meet the needs that weren’t being met by other providers.

Many of the clubs we volunteered in were paying $450+ a year, and did not benefit for such a drastic expense.


ClubHosting solves common problems many have

After talking with hundreds of clubs every year, almost all experienced the same four primary concerns. Chances are your organization my also have one (or all) of these issues.

  • Club Websites Hard to Keep Updated and Usually Maintained by Just One Person
  • It wasn’t easy for Multiple Club Officers to Share the Workload
  • Events were hard to Share and get notices out quickly
  • It wasn’t Exactly Easy for people to join the Club

Simply put, so many clubs used outdated services that are hard to maintain and aren’t built for modern devices. This means poor formatted sites, that aren’t easy enough to maintain, and fall into disrepair. Many clubs either had a person volunteer to setup site, but then got stuck with an HTML pig; or used Websites Tonight to setup one. So either the site looks bad because its not maintained frequently enough; or a site looks awful because, surprisingly, the person who set it up isn’t a web designer.


Hey, Whats Your Club's Problem?

Everyone has a unique problem they're looking to solve, that's why you wound up here. Let's get yours sorted out!



Lot’s of Features for Clubs – Maybe a little too many!

We have done so many clubs, our core has what you need. The list is a little overwhelming. We cover a lot of clubs, and as a result, we have grown and expanded our club tools and plugins we offer. If you’ve made it this far, this may be just the list you were looking for.

  • iPhone / Droid Access
  • Easy to Use
  • CustomizableForms
  • Take Online Payments
  • Photo Albums
  • GPS Maps Integration
  • Stunning Templates
  • Event Calendars
  • Event RSVP and Ticketing
  • Facebook Integration
  • Email Newsletters
  • Facebook Event Publishing
  • Google Search Listings
  • YouTube Integration
  • Membership Billing Tools
  • Email Subscriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Membership Tools
  • Message Boards
  • Weather Widgets
  • Multiple Admin Levels


….Of course, there is more.

Club Websites, Themes, Templates and Tools created by ClubHosting.org are designed to provide small clubs an easy way to get information to members and attract new members. The list above isn’t even complete. We just didn’t want to throw too much at you.

This Sounds good, but who the Heck are We??

That is a very important question. While there are not many services in our industry, you should intimately know who is backing it.


ClubHosting was a pet project put together by Nick who wanted to service the 4 clubs he was a member of (and others in the community).


It’s supported primarily by Niles primarily spends his day in a marketing firm, where he setups hundreds of servers, thousands of domains, and sets up 100 HTML campaigns weekly.

Occassionally we also pickup a local college student or two during our busy seasons.

How can 2 Guys Just Support It?

We use a reputable data center who helps provide SysOp services for our boxes (with 24 hr support). Without this – we couldn’t provide the services we do with the uptime we historically have.

Our Service works smoothly, and once youre up and running – most folks are self sufficient. Nick volunteers his time helping clubs, and Niles typically is around daily in the afternoons for support questions. Should a server go down or need a patch Nick can roll those out pretty quickly.

No, we don’t staff a 24 hour Call Center. We provide services with a historical record of 99%+ uptime for over 4 years. It just works, built by an expert engineer (that supports many of his own local clubs). Paid services on demand, but not forced down your throat.

You pay enough to get you exactly what you need.