We are club members, and of course club webmasters.

On top of volunteering, we like to give back and help small groups. We offer Free website hosting (for anyone), as well as pro bono club website hosting (for full service packages).

ClubHosting donates thousands annually to small groups and non profit organizations. We are proud to be patrons of many sports, and offer discounted services (when time permits) for clubs that struggle. We recognize that an online presence can help sustain and breath new life into many non profit clubs struggling for support. Being club volunteers ourselves for various types of outdoor, educational, and non profit clubs – we recognize the effort and hard work organization volunteers and staff put in.

Why Club Websites?

Our President out with his favorite riding buddy

Our President out with his favorite riding buddy

We simply wished to provide a low cost, feature rich solution for Clubs, Teams, and associations. Having a deep background in internet marketing, website hosting services, web and application development – our Clubs often volunteered us to maintain websites. Our founder used his Experience providing hosting to tens of thousands of business and personal websites to build a framework to meet the needs that weren’t being met by other providers.

Many of the clubs we volunteered in were paying $300-500 a year, and did not benefit for such a drastic expense.

Common things we found problems with for many club websites were the lack of:

  • Websites were out of date
  • Information on Upcoming Events
  • News Posts
  • and most importantly… easy ways to Join Your Club

Simply put, so many clubs hitched their wagon to the wrong horse. The HTML horse. This means poor formatted sites, that aren’t easy enough to maintain, and fall into disrepair. Many clubs either had a person volunteer to setup site, but then got stuck with an HTML pig; or used Websites Tonight to setup one. So either the site looks bad because its not maintained frequently enough; or a site looks awful because, surprisingly, the person who set it up isn’t a web designer.

ClubHosting.org was built to provide powerful Association and Club Websites.

Being club members of many club types, we decided to build ClubHosting. Our goal was

  • Quick setup for any club, pick a layout, upload a main image or logo, and be done
  • Pre-configured websites to help them display updates easily with powerful plugins they need
  • The Ability to have multiple people, and levels, to update areas of the site
  • Generic Ad free designs that represent the club’s effort and level of commitment.

Thanks to the thousands of users on ClubHosting, and countless hours by our staff, we now have a great product designed with Clubs, Teams and Associations in mind. We have bout 30 different types of clubs using our service, from small non profit youth teams, to large for profit social networks. We’re glad to help!

What all do we offer clubs in our website packages?

The list has grown. Checkout the features page for the info on what all we offer Team, Club, and Association websites.

Even our most expensive package that comes with a full service support from us is cheaper than the cookie cutter garbage being produced by others

. Also, we don’t wish to discredit the “Local Guy” – but we have seen sites setup by many a local guy. They don’t come close to what we all offer clubs.

We have done so many clubs, our core has what you need.

  • iPhone / Droid Access
  • Easy to Use
  • CustomizableForms
  • Take Online Payments
  • Photo Albums
  • GPS Maps Integration
  • Stunning Templates
  • Event Calendars
  • Event RSVP and Ticketing
  • Facebook Integration
  • Email Newsletters
  • Facebook Event Publishing
  • Google Search Listings
  • YouTube Integration
  • Membership Billing Tools
  • Email Subscriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Membership Tools
  • Message Boards
  • Weather Widgets
  • Multiple Admin Levels


….Of course, there is more.

Club Websites, Themes, Templates and Tools created by ClubHosting.org are designed to provide small clubs an easy way to get information to members and attract new members. The list above isn’t even complete. We just didn’t want to throw too much at you.