Busy Summer

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Busy Summer for Club Hosting

Hey everyone. It has been a busy summer. So while we have been doing things to ClubHosting, we haven’t been doing much talking about it.

As you know, we are from Minnesota. More importantly, we are not far from the Mississippi river, and all the creeks and holding ponds that stem from developing around that. So yeah – we do a lot of fishing. In fact, when then water stays down, we can even fish from our office.

Anyways, its been hot and miserable, so we have spent some time upgrading the site.

  • We’ve added new themes that should work for different types of clubs (we have had some Gun Clubs, and Rotary Clubs contact us looking for a website host
  • We’ve added a new Fundraiser plugin, that allows you to collect fundraiser payments online. Shows a Goal, and how close you are to a goal. Requested from a Rotary Club that was raising money in their area for a new Childrens Wing in the Hospital (they wanted to pay for the fish tank – we helped them come near that on their website. I wish they could raise enough for the whole wing sure, but no – ClubHosted websites arent THAT powerful)
  • We’re adding some new basic forums
  • We’ve updated Communities – however, we havent seen much use
  • We’ve upgraded some server hardware to help speed things up

I am also going to put together an Admin newsletter. So when I do important alerts we can email you.



Happy Fishing!

(Ps, that fish is my 4 year old sons bass caught near our house)